About NIPS

Our little children are very precious to us we must make every effort to make their childhood happy and blissful. Parents and teachers together shoulder this responsibility. Children watch our deeds very closely and try to emulate them, so we need to be their role-models to ensure that they imbible virtues and values at their impressionable age. Children should not be totally blamed for their faults .Elders must realize that the little ones look up to them so they must set an example in everything they do.Our actions affect the society at large so it becomes greatly important for each of us to value this beautiful gift of god-children. Today the world has shrunken into a global village .Even the outer space is not off limits for man .In such a situation one has to interact with everyone. Learn to be interdependent and probe into the unknown realm of life .God develops the spirits of learning and natures competencies in students. They are empowered with knowledge and wisdom to reach for new horizons .Each day is a gift from God; a day packed with triumphs and tribulations, victory and defeat, success and failure, promises and regrets, achievements and errors .The bounties and blessings of God in the form of parents and teachers, students and friends is a step towards a great future.

Our Principles

In everything we do we have high expectations for children and staff.

For each child to enjoy learning and achieve high standards;

For each child to feel happy, secure, confident & valued;

For each child's individual potential to be realized;

For each child's individual needs to be supported;

To work together as an effective team;

To play an active part in our local community;

For each child to value to co-operate with other children & adults;

To teach to a high standard, a broad range of studies centered around the curriculum:

To work together with parents for the benefit of their children;

To communicate effective, with parents;

To support & develop our staff;

Our Departments

We Have Two Outstanding Departments

Pre Primary Section

Nursery,KG, and I.

  • The pre stage is the foundation of every childs basic education .At this stage the child is introduced to the basic skills of learning through the play-way mmethod .The subject taught will be English ands number work.Environment Awareness will be given through discussions,Project work,demonstrations,trips and excursions.A lot of emphasis will be given to the creative art and physical activities through music ,art and craft,Physical education,karate etc.The child adapts himself to the school environment and is nurtured well to adjust with the surdoundings and peer group.This propels his learning skills and enables him to develop a spirit of curiosity which is the key to learning.

Primary Section

Std.II to IV.

  • The child will be now familiar with the school environment and hance exposed to more formal ways of learning and testing.Strudents of class V will be introduced to an additional language .The curriculum is learner centric .We believe that the parallel exploration of several subjects makes education more cohesive and the experience of learning exciting.We also recognize the merits of an actively based ,experiential teaching approach the challenges not just traditionally valued intelligence but srtimulates the development of multiple intelligence ,inheret in each child .The students will be evaluated all through the cadamic year,using formal and informal assesment methodologies.